Patronage System

The Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) is grateful for the sponsorship of the patrons who support our mission. Official patronage is governed by the following guidelines.

1. Qualification

Any organization which agrees with the business objectives of IIBC and pays enrollment and membership fees may become a member.

2. Enrollment Fee and Annual Membership Fee

The enrollment fee is JPY 514,285 for full membership and JPY 102,860 for associate membership. This fee is nonrefundable in the event of membership resignation. The annual membership fee is JPY 102,860 for both full and associate members.

3. Payment of Enrollment Fee and Annual Membership Fee

Membership will be registered once the official application form has been submitted to IIBC and the enrollment and annual membership fees have been paid as per the invoice issued by IIBC.

4. Renewal of Membership

Membership will be renewed upon payment of the annual membership fee as stated on the invoice issued by IIBC one year after enrollment or renewal.

5. Test Fees

Regular Fee IIBC Patronage Member Fee
TOEIC L&R (IP) JPY 4,155 JPY 3,075
TOEIC L&R (SP) JPY 5,725 JPY 4,645
TOEIC Bridge Test (IP) JPY 2,915 JPY 2,155
TOEIC Bridge Test (SP) JPY 4,320 JPY 3,560
TOEIC S&W (IP) JPY 9,050 JPY 7,970
TOEIC Speaking Test (IP) JPY 6,170 JPY 5,090
TOEIC Writing Test (IP) JPY 6,170 JPY 5,090
TOEIC S&W (SP) JPY 10,260 JPY 9,180
  • Full members receive an unlimited number of discounts.
  • Associate members are allotted 100 TOEIC L&R discounts, 200 TOEIC Bridge test discounts, and 100 TOEIC S&W discounts per year which may be applied to SP tests, IP tests, or a combination of both.
  • SP discounts may only be applied with group applications.

6. Membership Benefits

  • Free subscription to the TOEIC L&R Newsletter, TOEIC Bridge Test Newsletter, GLOBAL MANAGER and TOEIC seminar reports, as well as access to a range of data and documents.
  • Free participation in TOEIC seminars and other various workshops.
  • Access to an advisory service on matters relating to IIBC business.
  • Qualification for discounts on test fees for new TOEIC L&R conducted by IIBC.