About the TOEIC Bridge® Test

The TOEIC Bridge Test is designed for English language learners at the beginner and intermediate levels.

What is the TOEIC Bridge Test?

What is the TOEIC Bridge® Test?

Here is a brief introduction of the TOEIC Bridge Test, including a general description and characteristics.

TOEIC Bridge Format

TOEIC Bridge® Test Format

The TOEIC Bridge Test is an objective test administered simultaneously, using an answer sheet to fill in 100 multiple choice questions in a total of 60 minutes, made up of Listening (50 questions, 25 minutes) and Reading (50 questions, 35 minutes) sections.

Test Results

Test Results

Results of the TOEIC Bridge Test are shown as a “Score” ranging from 20 to 180 points, rather than as Pass/Fail.

TOEIC Bridge® Test Data


TOEIC Program DATA & ANALYSIS shows various TOEIC L&R data, TOEIC Bridge Test data and TOEIC S&W data in graph and chart format.


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