What is TOEIC Bridge® Test?

While the TOEIC L&R has been adopted widely by companies and universities, there has also been a growing demands among junior and senior high schools, whose English skills are either at the beginner or intermediate level, to introduce an easier test for assessing more basic everyday communication skills.
The TOEIC Bridge Test is a test developed by ETS to meet this demand by serving as a "bridge" to the TOEIC L&R. The TOEIC Bridge Test is designed to assess basic English communication skills while maintaining the same numerical score measurement system and the same level of credibility as the TOEIC L&R.The TOEIC Bridge Test is beginning to be accepted widely as the most suitable test for those in the early learning stages and as a step to acquiring a higher level of proficiency required for universities and the business world.

Junior and senior high schools/University, junior college, and vocational school students/The general public

The TOEIC Bridge® Test is suitable for the following people:

  • Junior high and senior high school students
  • University, junior college, and vocational school students
  • The general public