Test Dates & Registration

Test Date and Sites

Test Date and Sites

TOEIC Bridge Test is administered 4 times a year, in 13 cities around the country.

How to Register

How to Register

Applications can only be made via the Internet, and you can select to pay the test fee using a credit card, or at a convenience store.

1.Check the Test Dates

First, please check the test dates on the test schedule page. The first step to improving English ability is to understand one's current level of ability.

2.Register the Test

Once you decide on the test date, check the application period and apply.

3.Prepare for the Test

Official practice materials are best suited for understanding the test contents and getting used to the question formats. Please do make use of them.

4.Receive Your Admission Ticket

Your admission ticket will arrive roughly two weeks prior to the test date. If you do not receive it, please contact us.

5.On Test Day

The actual test date is here. You can check points to note here, such as things to bring on the test date including the admission ticket, so please do not forget to do so.

In order to apply, you must register as a member (free of charge).