If you wish to request the reissue an Official Score Certificate, please send the necessary documents to "Official Score Certificate Reissue Service", IIBC Test Operation Center, the Institute for International Business Communication. A reissued certificate will be mailed 4 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and year-end through New Year holidays.) of arrival of the necessary documents.

  • Necessary documents are valid only when they arrive at the institute within two years of the test date. (We do not reissue an Official Score Certificate for the test that has been administered more than 2 years ago.)
  • If you do not receive a reissued certificate within 10 days of mailing the necessary documents, please contact the institute after 11 days of mailing necessary documents.
  • Please note that an Official Score Certificate will not be reissued if necessary documents do not arrive at the institute due to non-delivery or postal delay.
Reissuance Period Two years from the test date
Required form

Three necessary documents

  1. Certificate Reissue Request
    • This form is available on our official website (Japanese).
    • If you do not use the Internet, please prepare a document that contains the following information in place of the Certificate Reissue Request.
    • Examinee's name
    • Current address and telephone number (Please also give the address and telephone number at the time of test administration, if they differ from the current address and telephone number.)
    • Daytime contact telephone number
    • Test administration number, test date and registration number for the Official Score Certificate that you would like to be reissued (Please give your application number if you do not have your registration number)
    • Examinee's date of birth
    • Number of certificate to be reissued
    • Delivery address for reissued Official Score Certificate (if you would like it to be sent to a location other than the current address)
  2. Prescribed amount of postal money order (on a JPY basis issued within the past 6 months)
    • Fee for reissuing a certificate: 500 JPY per Official Score Certificate
    • There is no need to fill out the postal money order form or stamp your seal in the space provided.
Send Score Requests To The Institute for International Business Communication
IIBC Test Operation Center [Official Score Certificate Reissue Service]
Sanno Grand Building, 2-14-2, Nagata-cho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8957
Mailing Score Reports A reissued certificate will be mailed 4 business days from the date of arrival of necessary documents (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and year-end through New Year holidays).
  • All fees are inclusive of tax.