July 1, 2013

TOEIC Bridge® Secure Program guidelines to be changed from the 48th TOEIC Bridge® Secure Program (September 8, 2013)

The main changes are as follows:
<Please refer to the TOEIC Bridge Secure Program guidelines for details.>;

●Test site change after the application deadline

If you face any difficulty in taking the TOEIC Bridge test at the test site where you applied for reasons such as urgent business trips etc., please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center from the Wednesday eighteen days to the Wednesday four days before the test date. If seats are available at the test site you’d like to change to, you may be able to change the test site. (But you’re not allowed to choose the test center.)

●Cellular phones and other electronic devices

You can use cellular phones and other electronic devices (e.g. Audio player, PC, video game console, electronic dictionary, electronic organizer) until 10:30. Please use your time to prepare the test. Please refrain from talking on the phone in the test room.

●Changes were made in “Prohibited Acts”, “Response to Misconduct”, and “Change of test date in the event the test is cancelled”

  • Added “4. Acts of sabotage (e.g. acts of violence, damage to property)” in “Prohibited Acts”
  • Added “Check the belongings” and “2. Proctors may walk in the test room to maintain the appropriate test environment and to check if any prohibited acts happen” in “Response to Misconduct”
  • Added “We may stop the test if any listening sound trouble (audio equipment failure etc.) happens during the listening test and proctor judges that it could cause some trouble in continuing the test. If this happens, the time of end of test will delay.” in “Change of test date in the event the test is cancelled”.

<Contact Information>

IIBC Test Operation Center
The Institute for International Business Communication
TEL: 03-5521-6007 (10:00–17:00, Except Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)