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TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test Data

IIBC conducts a questionnaire survey biannually on how companies, universities, and other organizations are utilizing the TOEIC Program. The survey also compiles and analyzes the results, which are presented in the TOEIC program Utilization Survey Report. In addition, IIBC publishes 'TOEIC Program DATA & ANALYSIS' reports, which are the result of compiling and analyzing statistical data such as the number of test takers and average scores, from a variety of perspectives that include the type of occupation and other attributes.

TOEIC Program DATA & ANALYSIS shows various TOEIC L&R data, TOEIC Bridge Test data and TOEIC S&W data in graph and chart format.

The data shown here is in the form of translated excerpts from “Trends Survey of TOEIC L&R Utilization 2007”in the business and academic arenas, published in August 2007 (only available in Japanese). There were 345 companies and 306 educational institutions those responded to the survey, which were conducted in January 2007 and November 2006 respectively.

A questionnaire was given to the examinees of the 86th TOEIC L&R (SP) held in September 2001.

Informational Publications

From June 2016, TOEIC Newsletter is integrated into IIBC NEWSLETTER.IIBC publishes IIBC NEWSLETTER three times a year in both Japanese and English to share information about the activity of IIBC and TOEIC Program.

Research Publications & Reports

IIBC often receives inquired and requests regarding the TOEIC L&R, TOEIC S&W and TOEIC Bridge Test from companies, Schools and test takers. To meet these requests and provide information useful for English education and learning, IIBC conduct a variety of TOEIC-related research projects by, for example studying and analyzing the vast amount of data that it has accumulates from various perspectives.

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