Test Day Schedule and General Notes

We will inform you of the latest information about the test day with the admission ticket.

Test day schedule

Check-in time
Test explanations・Listening audio check
Collection of test books and answer sheets
Exit from test room
  • You will not be admitted and you cannot take the test if you do not check in by 12:30. Note that your test fee will not be refunded if this happens.
  • There will be no break after 12:30. You are not allowed to leave the test room after 12:30.
  • When you are seated after check-in procedures, you are to begin filling in side A of the answer sheet placed on your desk, referring to the directions in the Examinee Guide. Copies of the Examinee Guide in English(PDFファイル 600KB) , Chinese(PDFファイル 801KB) and Korean(PDFファイル 807KB) are available upon request at check-in.

General notes

Directions for the Test day / Eligibility for Admission

  • Only examinees who have completed all prescribed application procedures are allowed to enter the test center. No waiting room is available for persons accompanying examinees.


■ Responses to violations

  1. If you fail to follow the directions below, engage in any of the prohibited acts, or if any question arises about the validity of answers, the following measures may be result:
    • Warning from staff
    • Dismissal from the test site during the test
    • Checks of belongings
    • Your answers not being scored
    • Disqualification from taking any test which IIBC or Educational Testing Service(“ETS” hereinafter) administers
    • Cancellation of any test scores administered by IIBC or ETS (including those previously awarded)

      In the case test results are cancelled, if any inquires are received from a company, school or other organization regarding scores, we will notify to organization that the scores have been cancelled.

  2. Proctors may walk around the test room to maintain an appropriate test environment and to check if any prohibited acts occur.

■ Cautions

  1. You will be notified of your test center by an admission ticket sent separately with the corresponding information printed on it. Follow the instructions printed on the admission ticket. Some test centers are subject to access restrictions (e.g., you may be prohibited from coming to the center by car, motorcycle, or bicycle).
  2. Please follow the instructions of the proctor at the test center.
  3. No food or drinks allowed in the test room, including gum and candy.
  4. Wear clothing that will be comfortable under various temperatures. It may not be possible to adjust the temperature of the test room in accordance with examinees’ requests.
  5. From 12:30 to exiting from the test room, please make sure to turn off alarms and all other settings of such devices and switch off cellular phones and other electronic devices (e.g. audio player, PC, video game console, electronic dictionary, electronic organizer).
  6. Please refrain from talking on the phone in the test room even before 12:30.
  7. Even if noises from cellular phones, electronic devices or wristwatch alarms occur during the listening test, re-tests are not conducted. Testing time for the reading test will not be extended even if noises occur. The person responsible for the noise will be asked to leave the test center.
  8. We shall not bear responsibility for any troubles that arise between examinees.
  9. The following actions are prohibited at the test center:
    1. All acts that can be considered photography, recording, audio recording, and copying
    2. Writing outside of the designated space on answer sheets or on a test book or other materials
    3. Removing a test book and/or answer sheets from the test room by any means and/or disclosure of test question contents
    4. Reproduction of test question contents by any means in whole or in part (not limited to English) in a state available for browsing or listening by the general public via Internet, TV, radio, e-mail, documents, lectures or any other possible means
    5. Acts of taking the test with help from others
      • Cheating
      • Taking the test in place of a registered examinee
      • Offering or receiving assistance during the test
      • Taking the test fraudulently and any other acts that are considered dishonest
    6. Acts of taking the test over the designated testing time
      • Looking through test contents before the test start time or answering questions after the test finishes
      • Looking through reading test contents during the listening test or looking through listening test contents during the reading test
    7. Acts of sabotage (e.g. acts of violence, damage to property)

Cancellation or discontinuation of test

  • We may cancel the test if events outside of our control (e.g. earthquake, tsunami, other natural disasters, strike, outbreak of infectious disease) cause difficulty in securing the test centers, blackouts or other circumstances, such as disorder related to transportation, communication, or distribution. If we cancel the test, notifications will be posted on our official website. If troubles with sound arise during the listening test (audio equipment failure, etc.) the test may be stopped if the proctor judges the trouble to be a hindrance in continuing the test. If this happens, the time of end of test will be delayed.
  • Those planning to submit Secure Program scores to various organizations and institutions should apply for the test well in advance. Secure Program may be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We assume no responsibility for any inconvenience, cost (except test fee) and other personal losses incurred by examinees due to cancellation or postponement of test administration.


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