Requirements for Acceptable Identification Photograph

Please prepare an acceptable identification photograph that meets all of the following requirements. (Both a color photograph and black-and-white photograph are acceptable.)
An Official Score Certificate will carry an acceptable identification photograph in black-and-white.

4cm in height/3cm in width

  • The size of photograph should be 4cm in height ×3cm in width and an acceptable identification photograph should be borderless.
  • The photograph must be taken within 6 months preceding the test date.
  • The photograph shows the examinee only.
  • The photograph must show the upper body of examinee without a cap so that his/her head is in full view.
  • The photograph must show the examinee’s face looking straight out so that his/her face is recognizable.
  • The photograph must not show anything in the background other than white or pale color. (It must not show any shadows.)
  • Photographs that do not meet any of the above requirements, including copies of photographs, print club stickers, and ordinary paper or copier paper carrying printed images are not acceptable.

Your Official Score Certificate will not carry your identification photograph if the institute decides that the photograph does not meet the requirements after test administration.

For those who are planning to submit score certificates to companies or schools

If you are planning to submit your test score to companies or schools as proof of your English language ability, please make sure to bring an “Acceptable identification photograph” as described above to the testing site, so that we can clearly print your picture on your score certificate.
The institute may not print candidate’s photograph on his/her certificate if the photograph does not meet the requirements described in “Requirements for Acceptable identification photograph.” Replacement photographs will not be admitted after the test.

Instructions for putting a photograph on the admission ticket

  1. Please write your “name” and “registration number” at the back of your photograph that meets the requirements under “acceptable identification photograph”.
  2. Please line up the edge of the photograph with the blue frame border on the admission ticket so that the framed white space is completely covered.
    • If your photograph size is too small, printed character letters will appear in the background as shown in the example below.

    Inappropriate picture size(Example)Inappropriate picture size(Example)
    Inappropriate picture size (example)
  3. Please make sure to use glue. (Use of glue stick is recommended.)
    • Please glue along the inside edge of the photograph only.
    • Please let glue dry completely.
      • If glue is not completely dried (especially when liquid glue is used) or synthetic adhesive is used, an acceptable identification photograph or that of other candidates may be damaged, or change in quality or color. In such case, an Official Score Certificate may not carry an acceptable identification photograph. Please be careful.