Test Formats

TOEIC Speaking is composed solely of the speaking section of the TOEIC S&W.

Test Content

TOEIC Speaking

The TOEIC Speaking includes 11 questions that measure different aspects of test-takers’ speaking ability.
Please refer to the following table for more details.

Task Number
of items
Response time General outline of task
Read a text aloud 2 45 secs. per item
(Prep time:
45 secs. per item)
Test-taker reads aloud a short text, such as an announcement or advertisement.
Describe a picture 1 45 secs.
(Prep time: 30 secs.)
Test-taker gives a verbal description of a photograph.
Respond to questions 3 15 or 30 secs.
(Prep time: none)
Test-taker responds to questions on a commonplace topic, as if responding in an interview.
Respond to questions
using information
3 15 or 30 secs.
(Prep time: none)
Test-taker responds to questions based on written information (such as a schedule of events) that appears on the screen.
Propose a solution 1 60 secs.
(Prep time: 30 secs.)
Test-taker listens to a voice mail message describing a problem and gives a response. In the response, the test-taker indicates recognition of the problem and proposes a solution.
Express an opinion 1 60 secs.
(Prep time: 15 secs.)
Test-taker expresses an opinion about a specific topic and the reasons for that opinion.

For more information, review the Sample Test in Japanese.

Test Length

TOEIC Speaking lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Test Fee

6,804 JPY

  • You can cancel or change the test date, time and site at a charged fee. For more details, please refer to our official website (Japanese).

Test Results

  • All fees are inclusive of tax.