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We Continue Our Dedication to the "Globalization of People and Businesses."

With the increasingly borderless economy and more advanced IT services, themes such as "internationalization" and "globalization" have penetrated our society as subjects more familiar to us than ever. Today, these themes are not just matters for business corporations but for individuals as well. English plays an essential role as the world's most global language amid the increasingly frequent international exchanges taking place in the economic and cultural sectors.

In times like these, what exactly is the globalization we should strive for? One of the keys to finding the answer to this question is for us to take a stance in which we develop true communication skills, discuss various issues with people around the world, work in cooperation with them for mutual prosperity and create a peaceful world.

The Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) is engaged in activities from a global perspective with the philosophy of promoting the "globalization of people and businesses." At the center of our activities is TOEIC Program, which was launched in Japan in 1979. Today, this program— the world's universal measure of skills in English as a second language— is accepted by nearly 160 countries worldwide, and plays a key role in promoting communication in English.
It will be so wonderful if we Japanese could acquire a more global perspective, develop true communication skills, and therefore set a good example on the global stage and contribute to human happiness, prosperity and peace. In the hope of helping to improve English communication skills, and to train and develop globally competent people, IIBC will continue to engage in a wide range of activities, capitalizing on the know-how and experience we have gained since the founding of our organization, thus contributing to the globalization of people and businesses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) is promotion of smooth communication in the global community.

Code of Conduct

  • We respond in fine detail to the diverse human resources development needs of customers.
  • We respond immediately to changes in the market, and respond nimbly to new customer needs.
  • We aim to be a learning organization that pays attention to the developments in new fields and can resolve issues.
  • We constantly strive to improve our own abilities and broaden our perspective, and work at self-development toward higher goals.
  • We always observe our motto “highest service and best quality.”

Our Logo

IIBC The Institute for International Business Communication

This logotype uses the letter "I" to represent a "person who aspires to make his or her mark on the global stage in business and cultural exchanges."
The figure of a person looking toward the sky with hope is depicted as a design motif.
IIBC's brand colors are orange, which represent energy, and navy blue, which conveys a sense of intelligence.

Corporate Slogan

IIBC adopted the corporate slogan “The world is connected by you” from 2012. This was used for many years as a message to encourage people who want to be active globally. However, we changed the corporate slogan in April 2022, revising the contents to better match the current environment surrounding IIBC.
The new slogan is “You connect people around the world. We are here to support .” We think this more clearly conveys our stance of supporting “you” who are the recipient of the message based on IIBC’s mission “promotion of smooth communication in the global community.”

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