TOEIC Bridge® Listening & Reading Tests

Receiving Admission Ticket/Undelivered

Admission Ticket Posting

Your admission ticket will be posted to you about two weeks before the test date. Your admission ticket contains information about your registration number and your test center (test center name and address).

If Your Admission Ticket Does Not Arrive

All the information you need for taking the test can be found under the heading of "Application history" at the TOEIC Application Site.(Please see "Reviewing Your Admission Ticket Information" for further details.) If you do not receive your admission ticket and are unable to check the information through the website, the test taker himself or herself should be sure to contact the IIBC Test Operation Center during the period of inquiry for undelivered admission tickets designated for every TOEIC Bridge Listening & Reading in Secure Program, as stated in the schedule.

We do not accept any changes of test date or refund any test fees on the grounds of un-delivered admission tickets.

Please note that if a parent or a guardian of a minor makes an inquiry, we will confirm their identity as parent or guardian and then call them back.

Lines are congested on test days. Please contact us on weekdays, if possible.

Reviewing Your Admission Ticket Information

All the information you need for taking the test can be found under the heading of "Application history" at the TOEIC Application Site.

<Reviewing Your Admission Ticket Information>

  1. ⇒ Go to TOEIC Application Site  using the account you used when applying, and click "Application History" under "TOEIC Bridge Listening & Reading Test".
  2. ⇒ Click "確認" in the "詳細" column of the test you are taking.
  3. ⇒ Information on your applications for the TOEIC Bridge Listening & Reading Tests in Secure Program will appear. Click "確認" in the "受験票情報詳細" column.
  4. ⇒ Click "メール送信" if you would like to receive your admission ticket information by email.
  5. ⇒ Select the email address to which you would like the information to be sent, and click "確認"
  6. ⇒ Check that the email address is correct, then click "確定".

Admission ticket information can be viewed on the site from about two weeks prior to the test.
If you do not receive the email, there may be an error in your registered email address. Please check your email address on the "登録情報の確認・変更" page, and update your information as needed.

Date for Posting Admission Ticket/the Period of Inquiry for Undelivered

TimesTest DateScheduled Admission Ticket Posting DateUndelivered Inquiry Period
(excluding weekends, public holidays, and year-end through New Year holidays)
No.93Sun., Jul 28, 2024Fri., Jul 12, 2024Mon., Jul 22, 2024 to Fri., Jul 26
No.94Sun., Sep 29, 2024Fri., Sep 13, 2024Tue., Sep 24, 2024 to Fri., Sep 27
No.95Sun., Nov 17, 2024Fri., Nov 1, 2024Mon., Nov 11, 2024 to Fri., Nov 15
No.96Sun., Jan 26, 2025Fri., Jan 10, 2025Mon., Jan 20, 2025 to Fri., Jan 24
No.97Sun., Mar 16, 2025Mon., Mar 3, 2025Mon., Mar 10, 2025 to Fri., Mar 14

If You Want to Change Your Test Site

If you want to change your test site for reasons such as an urgent move, IIBC Test Operation Center will change your test site only if there is an available seat.
However, you cannot change your test center.

  • Test site: The regional divisions established by the IIBC Test Operation Center. You can choose these when you apply. Examples: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Osaka, Hyogo, etc.
  • Test center: This is the venue where you will sit the test on the test date. You cannot select your test center.

Changes Before the Application Period Ends

Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center as soon as possible.

Changes After the Application Period

If you want to change your test site after application close, please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center between the Wednesday 18 days before the test day and 17:00 on the Wednesday four days before the test. You will be able to change test site if there are enough seats left. However, you cannot specify your test center.

The period will change if the Wednesdays that are the 18th and 4th days before the test are public holidays. Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center for details.

Changing Test Site/Test Center

■ Cases when changes are permitted

  • For example, if you selected “Tokyo” when you applied, and were informed that your test site was “Tokyo A,” but a week before the test you learn that you will be in Osaka on the test day, you can change your test site to “Osaka.”

■ Cases where changes are not permitted

  • For example, if you want to take the test at the “Osaka B” test center with your friends or family, rather than the “Osaka A” test center your admission ticket states.
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