TOEIC Bridge® Test

Test Results

Test Results

Test results are not shown as a pass or fail. Instead, they are shown as a score from 10 to 90 for the Listening Section and 10 to 90 for the Reading Section, for a total score of 20 to 180 (in two-point increments). This score is not your raw score, or the number of correct answers. It is a scaled score, calculated using a statistical processing method called “equating.”
The TOEIC Bridge Test also shows three-level sub-scores for five areas in addition to the two section scores and the total score.
Scores for the TOEIC Bridge Test are based on the number of correct answers. There is no penalty for wrong answers, so we recommend you answer every question, even if you are not sure of the answer. In the Reading Section in particular, you need to watch the time so you can complete all the questions on your answer sheet.

Listening Section 10 - 90 (in 2-point increments)/Reading Section 10 - 90 (in 2-point increments)/Total Score 20 - 180 (in 2-point increments)


In the TOEIC Bridge Test, additional assessments are shown on a scale of 1 to 3 for the following five categories. The higher your score in each category, the higher your assessment compared to other test takers.

Functions This subscore shows how well you can understand what a speaker is trying to do with the language. Examples of functions include offering, requesting, telling the time, giving instructions, and asking for instructions.
This subscore shows how well you use strategies to get information from a spoken text. Examples of these strategies include listening for stressed syllables, guessing meaning from context, listening for required information, and hearing differences between similar sounds.
This subscore shows how well you use strategies to get information from a written text. Examples include skimming, scanning, reading for required information, identifying the purpose and/or main idea of a text, and making inferences.
Vocabulary This subscore shows how well you understand short phrases or words in context.
Grammar This subscore shows how well you understand the form, meaning, and use of English grammar. TOEIC Bridge subscores are meaningfully less reliable than Listening and Reading scores, and have not been established to reflect distinct skills. For these reasons, it is not recommended that subscores be used in decision-making.

Official Score Certificate Format

Sample Official Score Certificate
TOEIC Bridge test Official Score Certificate

  • This sample is for illustrative purposes only, and the actual certificate’s color, design, and text may vary.
  • You can only get an Official Score Certificate only if you take the secure program.

Checking Test Result

Your Official Score Certificate with your test results will be sent to you within 35 days of the test date.

Your test results will be sent directly to you in the form of your Official Score Certificate within 35 days of the test date, in an envelope marked “Confidential.” There will also be an explanation of how to read your scores. This will include data such as the number of people taking the test at the same time as you and the average score.

Undelivered Official Score Certificate

You do not receive an Official Score Certificate within 40 days of the test date, please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center within 65 days after the test date. Any notice of undelivered certificate submitted later than 65 days after the test date will be considered a request for reissue and the fee for reissuing a Certificate must be paid.

Overseas Sending or Reissue of the Official Score Certificate

See here for overseas sending or reissue of the Official Score Certificate.

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