TOEIC Bridge® Speaking & Writing Tests

Test Schedules/Application

The TOEIC Bridge Speaking & Writing Tests is held eight times a year on Sundays in three test sites (Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka).

  • If there are available seats, late applications will be accepted for a limited time beginning the business day after the ordinary application deadline.
    An extra fee is charged for late application, in addition to the normal test fee.

Test Schedules

During the application period, you may change the date of your test, the time/center*, or cancel it. (An extra fee applies).

Changes are possible only if seats are available. This can also be done during the late application period.

  • Application starts:
    Fri., Jul 26

    Sun., Sep 8, 2019

    Results sending date | Fri., Oct 11, 2019

    Application Period

    10:00 on Fri., Jul 26 to
    15:00 on Fri., Aug 23, 2019

  • Application starts:
    Fri., Oct 11

    Sun., Nov 24, 2019

    Results sending date | Fri., Dec 27, 2019

    Application Period

    10:00 on Fri., Oct 11 to
    15:00 on Fri., Nov 8, 2019

  • Application starts:
    Fri., Jan 17

    Sun., Mar 1, 2020

    Results sending date | Fri., Apr 3, 2020

    Application Period

    10:00 on Fri., Jan 17 to
    15:00 on Fri., Feb 14, 2020

Test Schedules for Each Test Sites and Examples of Test Centers

The TOEIC Bridge Speaking & Writing Tests allow you to choose your test center when you apply.

  • Test centers and the latest information on seat availability can be checked on the application screen once the application period has begun.
    Due to the limited availability of seats, early application is strongly recommended.
  • Please do not directly contact the test center.

Steps from Application to Testing

1.Check the schedule

First, check the test dates on the Test Schedule page.

2.Apply for the test

You can apply online.

How to Apply/Test Fees

3.Receive your e-mail with test information

Please check for the "Test Information" e-mail that is automatically sent after you complete your application.
*The TOEIC Bridge S&W do not use paper admission tickets.

Test Information E-mail

4.Prepare for the test

Get ready to take the test. You can use the learning support tools or study materials on our website.

Learning Support

5.On test day

Test day has finally come. It's time to put into practice everything you've learned.

Test Day Information

If You Require Priority Support Service

If you have a disability or require special consideration for health reasons, we will do our best to provide you with a testing environment that suits your requirements. Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center before submitting your application.

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