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Test Schedule/Application

The TOEIC L&R is held ten times a year (Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec) in about 80 cities nationwide.
The number of tests differs by test sites. Check the schedule for the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program for each test site when you register.

TOEIC L&R公開テストの実施において、定員制を導入することにいたしました。詳細は各実施回の重要なお知らせに掲載しておりますので、必ずご確認くださいますようお願い申し上げます。
なお、第252回TOEIC L&R公開テスト【2020年9月13日(日)】については、満席のため、受付を終了させていただきました。

As for the TOEIC L&R Test, we have decided to place limits on the number of applicants. Please be sure to check "Important Notice."
The application for the 252nd TOEIC L&R Test (September 13, 2020) has been closed because the number of application reached the limit.


Please be sure to check "Important Notice" for each test. link

Test Schedule

  • No.253Application starts: Wed., Jul 29

    Sun., Oct 4, 2020

    Results sending date | Mon., Nov 2, 2020

    Application Period

    10:00 on Wed., Jul 29 to
    15:00 on Tue., Aug 11, 2020

  • No.254Application starts: Wed., Aug 12

    Sun., Oct 25, 2020

    Results sending date | Tue., Nov 24, 2020

    Application Period

    10:00 on Wed., Aug 12 to
    15:00 on Tue., Sep 8, 2020

  • No.255Application starts: Wed., Sep 9

    Sun., Nov 15, 2020

    Results sending date | Tue., Dec 15, 2020

    Application Period

    10:00 on Wed., Sep 9 to
    15:00 on Tue., Oct 6, 2020

Test Dates and Sites (Japanese)

Each test taker will be directly notified on their admission ticket of the test center details (test center name and address).

You cannot specify your test center.
Test centers are determined when the application period ends and the number of applications is confirmed. They are based on the test site you selected and your post code. Please note that your test center may not always be the one closest to you.

Please do not directly contact the test center

Steps from Application to Testing

1.Check the schedule

First, check the test dates on the Test Schedule page.

Annual Test Schedule

2.Apply for the test

You can apply online.

How to Apply/Test Fees

3.Prepare for the test

Get ready to take the test. You can use the learning support tools or study materials available on our website.

Learning Support and Books

4.Admission ticket arrival

Your admission ticket will arrive two weeks before the test. Click "Receiving Admission Ticket/Undelivered", and refer to the section titled "If Your Admission Ticket Does Not Arrive."

Receiving Admission Ticket/Undelivered

5.On test day

It’s finally test day. Put into practice everything you’ve learned.

Test Day Information

If You Require Priority Support Service

If you have a disability or require special consideration for health reasons, you can request Priority Support Service. This will allow us to provide an environment as closely suited to your needs as possible. Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center before submitting your registration.

IIBC Test Operation Center

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