TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test

Official Score Certificate Reissue

If you want us to reissue an Official Score Certificate, please read the following carefully first. Official Score Certificates are issued to those who have taken the Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program (test takers’ photos and names are printed on the certificates).

For those who want to have an Official Score Certificate sent outside of Japan

■Official Score Certificate Overseas Sending Service
The coronavirus outbreak has caused many countries to take measures such as stopping acceptance of inbound postal items. Therefore, the Official Score Certificate Overseas Sending Service has been temporarily suspended.

Thank you for your understanding.

  • We can only reissue certificates within 2 years of the test date.
  • If you need a score report for an Institutional Program (IP) reissued, please inquire directly with your group representative.


The request procedure will depend on how you applied for your Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program. Please follow the appropriate procedure for application as shown below.

If You Applied from the TOEIC® Application Site

Log into the TOEIC Application Site→Fill in the necessary details Pay the fee (by credit card or from a convenience store)→Official Score Certificate reissued

After logging into the TOEIC Application Site,click "Test application/Check results (テスト申込・結果確認へ)" "Official Score Certificate Reissue Request(公式認定証の再発行)" Click "Check test results(テスト結果の確認)"

If You Applied from a Convenience Store Multimedia Kiosk

Prepare the necessary documents→Send the necessary documents to the IIBC Test Operation Center, Institute for International Business Communication→Official Score Certificate reissued

  • After the May 2020 test, applications for the TOEIC Listening & Reading in Secure Program are no longer being accepted through convenience store multimedia kiosks.
  • Make sure you read “Official Score Certificate reissue requests: Necessary documents, addresses, and sending” below.
  • If you used the TOEIC Application Site to apply, you may still post your request; however, if you used other means than the TOEIC Application Site to apply, posting your request is the only option.

Details of the Procedure

Required Documents
  1. Official Score Certificate Reissue Request (PDF 116KB, Japanese)
    • Print out the reissue request form and fill in the required details.
      • If you cannot print it out,
        send us a document with the same information as the request form.
  2. Postal money order
    • Per copy of the Official Score Certificate: JPY550(incl. tax)
    • The money order should be issued either by Japan Post Bank or a post office and be no more than six months old.
      • You do not need to write anything or affix your seal in any of the fields on either side of the money order.
  • Documents that arrive at the IIBC within 2 years of the test date are valid (Official Score Certificates will not be reissued more than 2 years after the test date).
  • If you need a score report (individual performance) from an Institutional Program (IP) Test reissued, please contact the company, school, etc. that administered the test.
  • If you wish us to reissue your TOEIC Speaking &Writing Official Score Certificate or TOEIC Speaking Official Score Certificate, please apply from the TOEIC Application Site.
Address Official Score Certificate Reissue Service
IIBC Test Operation Center
The Institute for International Business Communication
Sanno Grand Building, 2-14-2, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8957
Shipment The certificate will be sent within 4 business days (excluding weekends, public holidays and year-end through New Year holidays) following receipt of the necessary documents.
  • If your reissued certificate has not arrived within 8 business days from the date you posted your request, please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center personally by telephone.
  • If due to postal delay or non-delivery, the necessary documents have not arrived at the IIBC Test Operation Center before the end of the reissue period, the certificate cannot be reissued. Please post your request in plenty of time.

If You Need Your Certificate Sent Overseas

Please first read the points to note regarding overseas sending of Official Score Certificates. If you do not live in Japan, no consumption tax will be added to the fee.
Please see the following for the procedure.


Adobe Reader is needed to read PDF files.

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