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Score Confirmation Service in Secure Program

Information on our Score Confirmation Service in Secure Program

"Score Confirmation Service in Secure Program" is a service that allows test takers to submit their scores to universities, companies, etc. via the TOEIC Application Site, and the universities, companies, etc. can confirm, retrieve and download the scores on the Web.

Please be sure to read the following [Procedures] and [Notes] before making a request to use the service.

Usage image

Usage image


Log into the TOEIC Application Site

Please log into the TOEIC Application Site.

TOEIC Application Site

Click the [大学・企業等へのスコア提出(Click here to submit your score to universities, companies, ets)] on the bottom right of [テスト結果(Test Results)] on the top page of the TOEIC Aplliccation Site.

Select where to submit scores and which tests you are eligible for

Enter the application code provided by the organization to which you are submitting  in the [提出先団体選択(Select where to submit scores)] ,and click the [検索(Search)] button. Select the test you wish to submit scores from in the [テスト種別選択(Select which tests you are eligible for)] , and click the [次へ(Next)] button.

Select the score you wish to submit

Select the score you wish to submit from the TOEIC Listening & Reading/TOEIC Speaking & Writing/TOEIC Speaking scores in Secure Program you have taken within the past two years and click the [次へ(Next)] button.

Review the submission details, check the precautions and complete the submission

Please confirm the following:
・Application code
・Name of the organization to which the application is to be submitted
・Score to be submitted
Check the checkbox for agreement to precautions, and click the [提出する(Submit)] button.
You can check the submission history from the [スコア提出一覧(Score Submission List)] in the [テスト結果一覧(Test Results List)].


  1. Please check to see if the organization you wish to submit your application to adopts the service.
    • If the organization has not adopted this service, we will not be able to accept your request.
  2. When we provide your scores to the organization to which you request to submit, we will also provide your registered name in kanji, katakana, and romaji, as well as your date of birth.
  3. The TOEIC Program for this service is the TOEIC Listening & Reading/TOEIC Speaking & Writing /TOEIC Speaking scores in Secure Program earned in Japan.
    • You cannot retrieve scores earned from the Institutional Program.
  4. You cannot retrieve scores in Secure Program that are more than two years old.
    • Some schools, companies, and organizations may set their own standards, such as "the examination must be taken after which month of the year," etc. Therefore, please contact the organization directly to confirm the standards.
  5. You are responsible for selecting the correct organization or score to submit. IIBC will not be held responsible for any inadequate applications, such as selecting the wrong organization or score to submit, or submitting the application outside of the acceptance period specified by the organization to which it is submitted.
  6. Submitted scores cannot be canceled.
  7. You can submit scores to the same organization as many times as you wish. All submitted scores will be provided to the organization you submit scores to.
  8. Records of past submissions are available on the [スコア提出履歴一覧(Score Submission History List)] on the Test Result List screen of the TOEIC Application Site.
  9. Please note that if you stop using the member service after submitting your score, the organization you submit to may not be able to check your score.
  10. This service is not intended to process applications for entrance examinations, credit recognitions, etc., or to certify the client's foreign language proficiency on his/her behalf.

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