TOEIC® Speaking Test

Test Results

Checking Test Result

TOEIC Speaking公開テスト Official Score Certificate(公式認定証)

Your Official Score Certificate with your test results will be sent to you within 30 days of the test date.

Also, you can see your results online 17 days after the test day. (The score display may be delayed due to national holidays in Japan and the U.S.)

Details of Test Results

The Official Score Certificate shows your Speaking Test score. It is reported on a scale of 0 to 200. In addition to scaled scores, test takers will receive an indicator of general skills and abilities in Speaking. The Speaking Test offers 8 score ranges.The TOEIC Speaking also assesses your Pronunciation, Intonation and Stress, assigning one of three levels for each.

Official Score Certificate Layout



0 - 200
(in 10-point increments)
Score Range Descriptors 8 score ranges
Other assessments Pronunciation
and Stress

Undelivered Official Score Certificate

If your Official Score Certificate does not arrive within 35 days of the test day, please phone our inquiries number within 65 days of the test date.
If you contact us more than 65 days after the test day, a fee for reissuing the Official Score Certificate will apply.

<Contact Information>

IIBC Test Operation Center
The Institute for International Business Communication

Reissue of the Official Score Certificate

See here for reissue of the Official Score Certificate.

Submission of Scores to Universities, Companies, etc.

You can submit your scores online to universities, companies, etc. that adopt the Score Confirmation Service in Secure Program.

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