TOEIC® Speaking Test

Official Score Certificate Format

Official Score Certificate Sample and Description

Official Score Certificate sample

TOEIC Speaking Test Official Score Certificate

Printed at the top of the Official Score Certificate:

  • Photograph of the test taker taken on the test day
  • Name in Roman letters
  • Test number
  • Date of birth
  • Test date
  • Test time
  • TOEIC Speaking score

You can tear off the section with your personal data and scores and submit it to a school, company, or other organization.
(Check with school, company, etc. whether they require only the top score part or the entire certificate, or including the bottom assessment parts.)

  • This sample is for illustrative purposes only, and the actual certificate’s color, design, and text may vary.
  • The Official Score Certificate is issued only to people taking the Secure Program.

Proficiency Level Descriptors

The central part of the Official Score Certificate contains the Proficiency Level Descriptors (assessment per skill level). There are

The proficiency levels correspond to a scaled score range and describe the types of general skills and proficiencies in spoken English that are common for most people who have achieved a score similar to yours. The descriptor associated with the level that you have achieved will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your ability to speak in English.
The TOEIC Speaking also shows

The relationship between scores and proficiency levels is shown in the table below.

Correspondence between scores and proficiency levels

Speaking score
190-200 8
160-180 7
130-150 6
110-120 5
80-100 4
60-70 3
40-50 2
0-30 1

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