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What sort of tests are the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests?

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests measure English-speaking and writing abilities for communicating effectively in international workplace environments.

The two tests are the TOEIC Speaking Test (11 questions, approx. 20 minutes) and the TOEIC Writing Test (8 questions, approx. 60 minutes), and they can be taken together as a set.

At the test center you will wear a headset and speak into a microphone connected to a computer, as well as use a keyboard to enter your answers.

Test results are shown as scores ranging from 0 to 200 for each of the two tests, in 10-point increments. There are 8 skill assessment levels for the TOEIC Speaking Test and 9 skill assessment levels for the TOEIC Writing Test. Pronunciation and intonation/accent are both assessed using three levels.

See About the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests for details.

The TOEIC Listening & Reading Test (scored using an optically-scanned answer sheet) is held separately. The application, testing method, and test schedules are all different, and the test results are issued separately.


Which should I take, the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests or the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test?

You should take the test that will give you the information or feedback that you need. For example, if you want to demonstrate how well you can speak and write in English, then you should take the Speaking and Writing tests. If you want to particularly showcase your English listening and reading skills, then it would be better to take the Listening and Reading Test first. From a learning point of view, it is not important which test you decide to take first.

Can I change the test date or test center or cancel, after application?

You can change the test date or test center, or cancel, as long as it is within the specified period.
See How to Apply/Test Fees for details.

Can you provide a receipt for the test fee?

Yes. How we issue the receipt varies by the way your payment made.

If you used a credit card:
If it is less than 2 years since the test date, you can issue yourself receipts from the TOEIC application site.

If you paid from a convenience store:
Please use the receipt you were issued at the convenience store.

For group application:
The IIBC Test Operation Center does not issue receipts for group application. Please ask to the body you paid the fee to.

Test Sites/Test Centers

Where is the test center? Can I take the test from my home computer instead?

With the TOEIC Speaking & Writing tests in Secure Program, you can choose your test center when you apply.

Test center will be shown on the application screen once application has started.
See the Test schedules for each test site.

You cannot take the tests from your home computer.

There are only a limited number of seats available, so you may not be able to take the test where you want.

Test Day

I haven’t received my admission ticket.

The TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program do not use admission tickets.
See Test Day Information for details.
You can check the test date/time and center you applied for in the “受験案内(Test Information e-mail)” you received after application or on the Application History (Details) page of the TOEIC Application Site.icon_window


Can I use a wristwatch on the test day?

You cannot use any watches in the testing room.
Set all your devices so that they will not sound alarms or ring, turn them off, and keep them in your bag.

How will the test start?

The test will start in order of your arrival at the test center. You will not all start together.

Can I leave the room during the test?

You cannot leave the room during the test. If you feel unwell, raise your hand and inform the proctor. If you stop the test before finishing, neither your speaking nor writing tests will be scored, and you will not be issued with an Official Score Certificate.


Can I change the address where my Official Score Certificate will be sent to?

You can change your applied address by logging into the TOEIC Application Site icon_windowwithin 10 days of the test date.

Can you reissue the Official Score Certificate? Do the scores have an expiry date?

The certificate can be reissued up to 2 years after the test date. (See Official Score Certificate Reissue for details.) Score validity does not expire.

Some groups or institutions may have their own deadline. Please check ahead of time.

Can I get my Official Score Certificate sent overseas?

Yes. There are different procedures and fees for sending your certificate overseas. Please check Official Score Certificate Overseas Posting Service for details.

Priority Support Service

As a person with a disability, can I receive the support I require during the test?

We will provide an environment that allows persons with disabilities, who are injured, or who are ill, to take the test with as little stress as possible.
Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center.

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