TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests

TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program Guidelines

Notes on Application

Please confirm and consent to the Privacy Policy of IIBC and TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program Guidelines before you apply for the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program.

  1. If you arrive at the test center without a personal identification accepted by the Institute for International Business Communication (“IIBC” hereinafter), the test administrator will not admit you and you cannot take the test. The test fee will not be refunded in such cases. Be sure to check for the items you need to bring with you on the test date before applying.
  2. No one can take the test on behalf of a registered test taker.
  3. If you are a minor, please obtain the consent of your legal guardian.
  4. If you are aged 12 or under on the test date, you will be required to take the test in the room specifically for younger examinees.
  5. If you have visual, hearing or orthopedic impairment, please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center before you apply. Depending on the circumstances, in some cases your application may not be accepted.
  6. Please accurately enter your name and date of birth as listed on your family register.
  7. The application process is completed after you have gone through all prescribed application procedures and have paid the test fee. Only when all prescribed application procedures have been completed, a receipt of application will be sent to you by e-mail. (We will use the e-mail address you registered when you applied.) Please keep this e-mail until you receive your test results. In some cases e-mails do not reach test takers because an incorrect e-mail address was registered. Even if our e-mail regarding receipt of application does not reach you, we will consider your application to be complete. If your application is complete, you will see the word “Payment completed” on the payment status screen on the “TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests/TOEIC® Speaking Test application history”. Please make sure to confirm the status of your application.
  8. There is no admission ticket for the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program. For details on taking the test, please check our official website, the e-mail on guide to taking the test sent to you after your application is made or the detail status screen on the “TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests/TOEIC® Speaking Test application history”.
  9. Changes to test center or time after application can only be made during the application period. For group application, to cancel an application, please contact your group representative during the application period. The application period is not the same as for individual application.
  10. All answers provided by examinees on the test date will be scored except in the cases stated below.
  11. After we receive the applications, we may announce important notes regarding each test on our official website as "Important Notice". Please check the "Important Notice" prior to taking the test.

To the Legal Guardians of Test Takers

If an inquiry is made by a legal guardian of the test taker, we will reply by telephone using the telephone number on the application after confirming the person inquiring to be a legal guardian of the test taker.

Test Fee/Other Applicable Cost

Test FeeJPY10,450(incl. tax)
  • Pay by credit card, convenience store (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Ministop,FamilyMart, Seicomart)
  • Please inquire directly with your group representative for payment of test fees and prices set by the group.
Test fees for the late application period JPY13,200(incl. tax)
  • If vacancies are available, late applications will be accepted for a limited time beginning the business day after the ordinary application deadline.
  • Note that the test date may not be changed or cancelled during the late application period.
  • Payments must be made by credit card
Other applicable Cost JPY2,750(incl. tax)
  • Note that you can change your test date and time or test center only during the designated period.
  • Note that you must pay separate fees for each procedure if you change the test date and time or the test center on separate occasions.
  • You can change the time and test center of your test during the ordinary application period or the late application period. You can change the test date only during the ordinary application period. You can change the test date only to a test date for which applications are being accepted (i.e., vacancies are available) or to a designated test date for which applications are not yet being accepted.
  • Pay by credit card or at a convenience store (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Ministop, FamilyMart, or Seicomart) during the ordinary application period.
  • Payments during the late application period must be by credit card.
Cancellations JPY 5,000
  • Applications can be cancelled only during the cancellation period set for each test date.
  • Regardless of test fee payment method, the test fee less the cancellation fee will be refunded into the account you designate.
  • The rescheduling fee will not be refunded if you cancel your application after changing the test date/time or test site.
  • Note that no cancellations are permitted during the late application period.

General Notes on Taking the Test

Only test takers who have completed all prescribed application procedures are allowed to enter the test center. No waiting room is available for persons accompanying test takers.

Check-in Time For morning test: 10:30~10:45
For afternoon test: 13:45~14:00
  • You will not be admitted and you cannot take the test if you do not check in by check-in time. Note that your test fee will not be refunded if this happens.
  • Test center personnel will check your identification at the check in counter, take a photograph to be printed on an Official Score Certificate, and assign you a seat.
Test Time

Test time required: About 1 hour and 20 minutes

  • TOEIC Speaking 20 minutes
  • TOEIC Writing 60 minutes
  • There is no scheduled break during the test. You are not allowed to leave the test room after check in.
  • Please note that the test does not begin simultaneously for all test takers.When you complete check-in procedures, you will be guided to your seat. You are to begin the test by following the directions in TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests Examinee Guide which will be distributed at the test center.
What to bring

1. A valid photo ID proving your identity:

Driver’s license issued in Japan, student ID issued in Japan, passport, individual number card, basic resident register card, certificate of alien registration, resident’s card, special permanent resident certificate, driving record history certificate, disability certificate (physical/mental)
  • You will not be admitted on the day of the test and you cannot take the test if you fail to bring a valid photo ID proving your identity. Your test fee will not be refunded in such cases.
  • Photocopies/photographed images of the above will not be accepted.

2. Face Mask

Precautionary measures against the coronavirus
  • Please check your temperature upon arrival, and check the box of "Health condition check" on the Confidentiality Statement if your condition has been suitable to take the test. The checkbox must be marked to be able to take the test.
  • Please refrain from taking the test if you have any symptoms including a fever, a cough, a sore throat etc.
    If you have a fever, you will not be allowed to take the test.
  • Always wear a mask while you are at the test center and during the test. Test takers without a face mask will not be allowed to take the test. You will be asked to take off the mask at a reception desk for personal identification.
Cautions ■ Responses to violations
  1. If you fail to follow the directions below, engage in any of the prohibited acts, or if any question arises about the validity of answers, the following measures may be result:
    • Warning from staff
    • Dismissal from the test site during the test
    • Checks of belongings
    • Your answers not being scored
    • Disqualification from taking any test which IIBC or ETS administers
    • Cancellation of any test scores administered by IIBC or ETS (including those previously awarded)
      In the case test results are cancelled, if any inquires are received from a company, school or other organization regarding scores, we will notify to organization that the scores have been cancelled.
  2. Proctors may walk around the test room to maintain an appropriate test environment and to check if any prohibited acts occur.

■ Cautions

  1. Follow the instructions on the e-mail on guide to taking the test sent to you after your application is made or the detail status screen on the TOEIC®Speaking & Writing Tests / TOEIC®Speaking Test application history”. Some test centers are subject to access restrictions (e.g., you may be prohibited from coming to the center by car, motorcycle, or bicycle).
  2. Please do not contact the test center regarding the TOEIC test or test administration.
  3. Please follow the instructions of the proctor at the test center.
  4. No food or drinks allowed in the test room, including gum and candy.
  5. Wear clothing that will be comfortable under various temperatures. It may not be possible to adjust the temperature of the test room in accordance with test takers' requests.
  6. IIBC shall bear no responsibility for any losses or damages at the test center, including, but not limited to, accidents, injuries, thefts, and troubles. However, this shall not apply if there is any reason attributable to IIBC.
  7. From 10:45 A.M. for the morning session, and 14:00 P.M. for the afternoon session, until exiting from the test room, please make sure to release alarm and other settings of cellular phones and other electronic devices (e.g. audio player, PC, video game console, electronic dictionary, electronic organizer) and turn them off.
  8. Please refrain from using any watches in the test room.
  9. If anything in your possession makes an alarm sound or your phone rings during the test, you will be dismissed from the test site.
  10. Document titled "Confidentiality Statement" will be distributed at the test center on the test date. The Confidentiality Statement includes rules that need to be observed at the test center and the pledge. You are to read it, fill out and sign it. You will not be admitted, if you do not fill it out or sign it.
  11. Your photograph (showing the upper body with no cap and with the face looking straight ahead) will be taken on the test date. This photograph will be printed on your Official Score Certificate. This has been determined in accordance with the rules of the IIBC Test Operation Center, the Institute for International Business Communication. Please note that, in principle, we do not retake or change a photograph upon request from a test taker.
  12. The test room cannot shut out noise completely. However, it has been decided that the sounds of test takers and proctors entering and leaving the room, the voice of the proctor who is giving instructions, the voice of other test takers answering, the sounds of operating PCs, the sounds of proctors moving about the test room, and other sounds similar to these levels do not interfere with testing. Please note that we do not arrange retesting or extend the test time.
  13. We shall not bear responsibility for any troubles that arise between test takers.
  14. The following actions are prohibited at the test center:
    1. All acts that can be considered photography, recording, audio recording, and copying
    2. Taking notes on material other than paper provided by the test center
    3. Removing test materials from the test room by any means and/or disclosure of test question contents
    4. Reproduction of test question contents by any means in whole or in part (not limited to English) in a state available for browsing or listening by the general public via Internet, TV, radio, e-mail, documents, lectures or any other possible means
    5. Acts of taking the test with help from others
      • Cheating
      • Taking the test in place of a registered test taker
      • Offering or receiving assistance during the test
      • Taking the test fraudulently and any other acts that are considered dishonest
    6. Acts of sabotage (e.g. acts of violence, damage to property, acts of causing trouble to other examinees)

Official Score Certificate

  • Test results (Official Score Certificate) will be mailed within 30 days of the test date to test takers using a sealed envelope marked “親展 (confidential)”.
  • If you do not receive an Official Score Certificate within 35 days of the test date, please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center within 65 days after the test date. Any notice of undelivered certificate submitted later than 65 days after the test date will be considered a request for reissue and the fee for reissuing a certificate must be paid.
  • If you wish to request the reissue of an Official Score Certificate, please apply via the Internet and pay the fee within 2 years of the test date. (We do not reissue the Official Score Certificate for any test administered over 2 years ago.)
  • For group applications, the group representative can request that the Official Score Certificates be sent directly to the company/school. In addition, test results and individual data (registration number, name, date of birth) will be provided to the group’s liaison department as well as to each test taker.

Cancellation or Discontinuation of Test

  • We may cancel the test if events outside of our control (e.g. earthquake, tsunami, other natural disasters, strike, outbreak of infectious disease) cause difficulty in securing the test centers, blackouts or other circumstances, such as disorder related to transportation, communication, or distribution. If we cancel the test, notifications will be posted on our official website. If troubles with system or noise occur on the test day, the test may be stopped if the proctor judges the trouble to be a hindrance in continuing the test. If this happens, the time of end of test will be delayed.
  • Those planning to submit Secure Program scores to various organizations and institutions should apply for the test well in advance. Secure Program may be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. We assume no responsibility for any inconvenience, cost (except test fee) and other personal losses incurred by test takers due to cancellation or postponement of test administration.

Privacy Policy

  1. Intended Use and Provision of Personal Information
    Your personal information obtained from the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program will be used for registration, identification of test takers, administration/planning/improvement of the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program, ascertainment of the status of TOEIC test utilization, improved precision of test programs, preparation of materials for improvement of English proficiency, scoring/issuing/reissuing/delivery of test results, information sharing, conducting questionnaires, information provision on IIBC business and new business, and communication by telephone/e-mail/postal mail to achieve the purposes described above.
  2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
    The IIBC provides your personal information and test answer to ETS in the United States of America, the test developer. It also uses your test answer data (audio and written) for the purposes of educational research and study and the preparation of various materials (including official guidebooks, commercial online learning materials, and test-related materials). All references to personally identifying information such as names and addresses are removed from this data. On the test date, after you complete the test, ETS will ask you via the testing screen whether you consent to the above uses for the answer data (audio and written). Choose “Yes” if you consent to such use and “No” if you do not. Answering “No” will not affect your scores. Personal information collected will not be provided or disclosed to any third parties except in the cases mentioned above or the cases enumerated under Article 23, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  3. Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing
    The IIBC entrusts handling of acquired personal information to sub-contractors in Japan and YBM NET, Inc. in Korea within the scope prescribed in “1. Intended Use and Provision of Personal Information”, as necessary to achieve the purpose for which the information is being used. In such a case, a confidentiality agreement shall be signed by the sub-contractor.
  4. Inquiries
    To request clarification regarding the purpose of use of personal information provided to the IIBC or the disclosure, correction, addition, partial removal, suspension of use, deletion, or suspension of provision of such information to third parties, contact the IIBC or refer to the “Privacy Policy” on our official website.Regarding the reissue of an Official Score Certificate, please refer to the “Reissue” page on our official website
  5. Consent to Privacy Policy
    Please confirm and consent to the Privacy Policy of IIBC and TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program guidelines before you apply for the TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program.

Chief Privacy Officer
General Manager of SP Division
The Institute for International Business Communication

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