TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Tests

Test Day Information

This contains information about what happens on the test day. All test takers should read this carefully.

  • There is no admission ticket for the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program. For details on taking the test, please check our official website, the e-mail on guide to taking the test sent to you after your application is made or the detail status screen on the Application history(Detail)別ウィンドウで開く/Open the link in a new window on TOEIC Application Site .
  • If your name has changed since application, then contact the IIBC Test Operation Center before the test date.

On Test Day

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests in Secure Program are held once a month and once on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Check-in Time

Morning tests: 10:30~10:45
Afternoon tests: 13:45~14:00

You will not be admitted and you cannot take the test if you do not check in by check-in time. Note that your test fee will not be refunded if this happens.

Check-inTest center personnel will check your identification at the check in counter, take a photograph to be printed on an Official Score Certificate, and assign you a seat.
Test Time

Test Time Required About 1 hour and 20 minutes

  • TOEIC Speaking   Approx.20 minutes
  • TOEIC Writing     Approx.60 minutes
  • There is no scheduled break during the test. You are not allowed to leave the test room after check in.
  • Please note that the test does not begin simultaneously for all test takers.When you complete check-in procedures, you will be guided to your seat. You are to begin the test by following the directions in TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests Examinee GuidePDF which will be distributed at the test center.

What to Bring

Bring the following on the test day.

You will not be admitted on the day of the test and you cannot take the test if you fail to bring a valid photo ID proving your identity. Your test fee will not be refunded in such cases.



A valid photo ID proving your identity

The details of valid IDs are as follows

Valid photo IDs proving your identity

* Please bring one of the following.
* Photocopies/photographed images below will not be accepted.

  • Driver’s license issued in Japan
  • Student ID issued in Japan
  • Passport
  • Individual number card
  • Basic resident register card
  • Certificate of alien registration
  • Resident’s card
  • Special permanent resident certificate
  • Driving record history certificate
  • Disability certificate (physical/mental)

Examples of invalid IDs

  • Employee ID
  • Health insurance card
  • Credit card/Cash card/David card
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of individual records/Certificate of the family register etc.



Face Mask

Please wear your own face mask while you are at the test center.
* Test takers without a face mask will not be allowed to take the test. You will be asked to take off the mask at a reception desk for personal identification.
* A non-woven mask with reliable quality is recommended. Please make sure the mask fits to cover your nose and mouth.

Click the link below to check cautions and measures taken by the IIBC Test Operation Center in the event of non-compliance.

General Notes on Taking the Test

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