About the TOEIC Program A global standard for assessing English communication skills objectively and fairly.

Advantages of the TOEIC® Program

Assessment shown as score, not pass or fail

Test results are shown as a score, rather than a pass or fail, allowing you to verify your current level and set goals.

A global standard
administered in 160 countries

Expressions that rely on understanding specific cultural references are eliminated, creating a global standard that anyone can take, fairly and without bias.

Real communication skills

The tests measure broader
communication proficiency in English for real-life situations.

Available Tests

The TOEIC Program offers two test brands, each of which measures four skills. Please select the test suited to the skills and levels you need to measure.

TOEIC Programには2つのテストブランドがあり、それぞれ4技能のスキルを測定できます。 測定したいスキルとレベルに応じてご活用いただけます。

TOEIC Programには2つのテストブランドがあり、それぞれ4技能のスキルを測定できます。 測定したいスキルとレベルに応じてご活用いただけます。


About the IIBC Award of Excellence

Those who take the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test and the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests within the calendar year (January to December) and achieve given scores will be awarded the IIBC Award of Excellence.

How the TOEIC® Program Helps You

The TOEIC® Program is there to support your English learning

1. Testing First, take the test. Verify your current level. 2.Check your results Not only a total score, we assess your English skills from a range of angles. 3. Set goals Our official learning materials support your English studies. We also offer free tools. 4.Study Set your next target score and create a study plan to get there.

To grasp those chances life offers, expand your potential with the TOEIC® Program.

  • Career:Promotions, Overseas postings, Job assignments
  • Entering the workforce:Job-hunting, Internships, Public service exams
  • School:University entrance exams, Gaining credits, Studying overseas
  • Other:Gaining qualifications, Volunteer work

About ETS and IIBC

The TOEIC Program has been developed by the ETS, a non-profit test development organization based in the United States. The TOEIC Program is administered in Japan by the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC).

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