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Project Proposal

February 5, 2013
Proposed by: Jun Takada

Project Information

Project name Launch of a made-to-order shoe brand "MTO" (tentative name)
Project manager Lionel Parker Project leader Maria Gonzalez
Scheduled start date March 2013 Scheduled completion
May 2014

Project Overview

Project objectives Start a made-to-order shoe brand "MTO" (tentative name) and develop it into a leading company brand.
Project justification People in Japan are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and are hoping to lead stress-free lives. In the shoe industry, more and more inexpensive shoes are available on the market but on the contrary, consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to find well-fitting shoes. We need to convey that healthy lives start with healthy feet.
Divisions in charge Branding Planning Div., Production Control Div., Sales Div.
Potential customers Women in the 15 to 50, men in the 20 to 50 age range
Possible risks It may take some time to eliminate the negative image consumers have of made-to-order shoes being expensive and unfashionable.

Project Scope

Short-term objective Train sales staff while establishing manufacturing lines by contacting craftspeople and specialty shops. Open a retail space in a section of our Marunouchi store on a trial basis.
Long-term objective Convert 10 of our existing 50 stores into retail outlets for the made-to-order brand.
Final objective Revitalize the shoe market in combination with our existing brands, and reach more customers to increase sales.

Estimated Project Cost

Description Amount (USD) Description Amount (USD)
Labor 1,000,000 Advertising 150,000
Manufacturing 3,000,000Consulting 10,000

Please refer to the attachment for additional details of the project.


Project objectives
これは「新企画の目標」という意味です。具体的な数値目標がある場合は、expand our customer base by 20%「顧客層を20%拡大する」などのように書くとよいでしょう。まだ確定していない事項についてはtentative〔provisional、temporary〕「一時的な、暫定的な」やprojected「予測される」などの語を使って表します。
Project justification
「新企画の立案理由」は、企画書の最も大事な要素のひとつです。商品やサービスの企画書ではdevelopment purpose「開発理由」などと表します。there is an increasing demand for ~「~の需要が高まっている」、many of our competitors are having success in ~「競合企業の多くが~で成果を上げている」などと、市場動向を理由に挙げると説得力が増すでしょう。
Possible risks
これは「想定されるリスク」という意味です。その企画で想定されるデメリットを企画書に載せると、企画の現実味が感じられるでしょう。「懸案事項」という意味を表すmatters of concernやpending issuesといった表現もあります。文書内でネガティブなことを伝えるときには、may「~かもしれない」、will「~だろう」、can「あり得る」などの語を使いましょう。Possible risksとは反対のAdvantages「メリット」を項目に加えることもあります。
Project Scope / Short-term objective / Long-term objective / Final objective


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