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We recommend that beginning learners of English take the TOEIC Bridge Test. The test can be used as the first step in getting to your next stage of English learning, to check your current English skills, or as motivation for learning.

If you feel your English is good enough, we recommend you take the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test.

ETS, which creates the TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test and the TOEIC Bridge® Test, publishes comparison tables for scores. For details, refer to Comparison Table of TOEIC L&R and TOEIC Bridge Scores (Japanese)(PDF 197KB)

Subscores are assessments of how well you did in comparison with other Secure Program test takers. They are shown as numbers from 1 to 3 in each of the five areas of Functions, Listening Strategies, Reading Strategies, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Higher scores mean higher assessments. The TOEIC Bridge Test provides information that can help increase your motivation and improve your study methods, boosting your English skills.


This differs by payment method.

If you paid by credit card:
Telephone the IIBC Test Operation Center yourself.

If you paid from a convenience store:
Please use the receipt you were issued at the convenience store when you paid.

Test Sites/Test Centers

We rent schools or public facilities to use as test centers.

You cannot specify your test center.
You will be informed of your test center in your admission ticket.

Contact the IIBC yourself by phone within the the period of inquiry for undelivered admission tickets.We cannot accept requests for changing the test day or refunding the test fee due to undelivered (or loss) of admission tickets.

Telephone the IIBC Test Operation Center as soon as possible. Please note that, depending on when you contact us, we may not be able to make the change.

Test Day

Test fees cannot be refunded. Test dates cannot be changed. Test eligibility cannot be passed onto another person.

No. You must have completed checking in and be seated by 10:30. You will not be admitted to the test site after the deadline, so ensure you have plenty of time to travel.

Yes. You need to post the specified change notification so that it arrives within 6 days of the test, including the test date. Please check "About Change Procedures" for details.

No. In the test classroom, set all your devices so that they will not sound alarms or ring, turn them off, and keep them in your bag.

No, you cannot leave the room during the test. If you feel unwell, raise your hand and inform the proctor.

This is one of the basic policies of ETS, as a way to prevent cheating or the test questions being leaked. This includes taking notes, drawing lines, or adding any marks such as circles, crosses, or ticks. You will be warned by a proctor if you write anywhere outside the answer sheet during the test.

You may not take the test book with you. You cannot check your answers. The test books will be collected as part of the statistical processing to equate the scores in the TOEIC Bridge Test.

You must not look at the questions in the Reading Section during the Listening test or the questions in the Listening Section during the Reading test. The TOEIC Bridge Test is designed to correctly assess your abilities through your answering the 50 questions in the Listening Section over approximately 25 minutes and the 50 questions in the Reading Section over 35 minutes.


The Certificate can be re-issued up to 2 years following the test date. Procedures are done by post. Scores do not expire.

Some companies or schools may set their own limitations on how long scores are valid . Please check ahead of time.

Yes. You need to post the specified change notification so that it arrives within 6 days of the test, including the test date. Please check "About Change Procedures" for details.

Priority support service

We will provide an environment that allows persons with disabilities, who are injured, or who are ill, to take the test with as little stress as possible.
Please contact the IIBC Test Operation Center.

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