TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test

Test Day Information

This contains information about your test day. All test takers should read this carefully.

  • Information required for the test can be found either on this web site or in the admission ticket which will be sent about two weeks prior to the test date. If your admission ticket does not arrive, please refer to "Receiving Admission Ticket/Undelivered."
  • If your name has changed since registration (by marriage, for example), you need to contact the IIBC Test Operation Center before the test date.

On Test Day

Your admission ticket contains the latest information on your test day.

  A.M. adm. P.M. adm.
Check-in  9:25~ 9:55 14:05~14:35
Test instructions, sound check  9:55~10:20 14:35~15:00
Test start - Test end 10:20~12:20 15:00~17:00
Collection of test books and answer sheets 12:20~12:35 17:00~17:15
Exit from test room 12:35 (scheduled) 17:15 (scheduled)
  • You will not be admitted and you cannot take the test if you do not check in by the closing time of the check-in.
  • There will be no breaks after the closing time of the check-in, and you will not be allowed to leave the test room after the closing time of the check-in.
  • After checking in and sitting at your desk, look at the Test Guide on your desk and start filling in side A of the answer sheet.
    Copies of the Examinee Guide in EnglishPDF, ChinesePDF, and KoreanPDF are available upon request at check-in.

What to Bring

Bring the following on the test day.

Admission ticket

For information on the scheduled arrival date of the admission ticket, or if your admission ticket has not arrived by the scheduled arrival date, see "Receiving Admission Ticket/Undelivered" for the necessary procedures.

Identification photograph

Prepare an identification photograph that meets the requirements, write your name and the registration number on the back, and attach it to the Identification Photograph area of your admission ticket.

  • Your identification photograph will be printed in black and white on your Official Score Certification.
A valid photo ID proving your identity

Driver’s license issued in Japan, student ID issued in Japan, passport, individual number card, basic resident register card, certificate of alien registration, resident’s card, special permanent resident certificate, driving record history certificate, disability certificate (physical/mental)

    • You will not be admitted on the day of the test and you cannot take the test if you fail to bring both one identification photograph and a valid photo ID proving your identity. Your test fee will not be refunded in such cases.
  • Photocopies/photographed images of the above will not be accepted.
Writing implements

HB pencil or mechanical pencil, eraser


There will be no announcements of the time during the test.
You may not use anything other than a wristwatch as a timepiece. This means no mobile phones, desk clocks, stopwatches, or wearable devices.

Face Mask
  • Please wear your own face mask while you are at the test center. Test takers without a face mask will not be allowed to take the test. You will be asked to take off the mask at a reception desk for personal identification.
  • Your admission ticket and photograph will be collected at the test center and will not be returned.
  • The most up-to-date information on your test date will be provided in your admission ticket.

General Notes on Taking the Test

Cautions and measures taken by the IIBC Test Operation Center in the event of non-compliance, can be found on the Points to Note page.

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