Global Human Resources Development

Supporting development of globally competent people from various perspectives.

Beyond our long-term involvement in the TOEIC program, we seek to fulfill our mission of “promoting the globalization of people and businesses” through a wider range of Global Human Resouces Development activities. Through these activities we seek to create a clearer profile of a globally competent business professional-including the required basic business skills and know-how, the human skills, and the behavioral characteristics-and then create programs to nurture those qualities in individuals.

Global Competency Development

One of these activities is the Global Competency Development, through which we assist students and business people seeking to develop the skills and knowledge needed in today’s global business environment. We also provide assistance to teachers, educators and human resources personnel tasked with the training and development of global talent. One of the key tools we have created for this purpose is our website ”Global Manager,” which carries articles by business leaders on topics of interest to people engaged global business and global human resources management.

IIBC Global Human Resource Development Forum

Another core program in our Global Human Resources Development activities is the IIBC Global Human Resource Development Forum. The forum has become a useful venue for business leaders, human resource managers and others to meet and share information and opinions on global human resources development and what exactly “global competency” means. In the future, we look forward to increasing contacts with human resources professionals in Japan and overseas so that we can continue to provide the most up-to-date information to professionals in Japan and to cooperate on joint projects targeting the fulfillment of our mission of “promoting globalization of people and business” on a global stage.