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We also publish English education books on topics such as the development of global human resources.

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日本発、世界に飛躍 『地球人財』がグローバル時代を勝ち抜く


We publish the contents of the lectures and discussions at our Global Leader Development Initiative, which has been held since 2012. In this book, we have been honored with the special interview by Professor Heizo Takenaka of Keio University, and opening article by our facilitators of GLDI, Naoshi Takatsu, Managing Partner, North East Asia of IMD Business School, and Tsuyoshi Komori, President of CORESCO.
This book discusses the elements needed to play a role as a global leader in VUCA world from different perspectives, such as leveraging diversity, capturing people’s hearts,  communicating in ways that affect people, the resilience needed to adapt to changes, and the necessity of leader’s self-disclosure.
This book is invaluable for anyone aiming to play a global role, as well as for HR personnel at companies and those involved in management.

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