TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test

Online Application

You will need to agree to all the items listed in the Examination Guidelines (including “Handling of Personal Information”) before you can apply.

Outline of Online Application

You will need to become a member and sign in to TOEIC Application Site

If you have already created your account as a member, log in to the TOEIC Application Site. If you are not a member yet, click “Create your account (Free)” and carry out the sign-up procedures.
Your account ID can be used for online applications for both the TOEIC Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program and the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Tests in Secure Program.

Information on the TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program

Times No.284 Test in Secure Program
Test date Sunday, December 19, 2021 A.M.
Application period 12:00 on Thursday, October 28
to 15:00 on Monday, November 1, 2021
Test fee 7,810 JPY (incl. tax)
  • 7,150 yen(incl. tax) for those eligible for the repeat testing discount.
  • Test fees will not be refunded once paid.
  • The repeat testing discount cannot be used for group registrations for the secure program tests.
Payment methods
  • VISA,Mastercard,JCB
  • Seven-Eleven
  • Lawson, Ministop, FamilyMart, Seicomart
  • RakutenPay
Test areasr The number of tests carried out varies by test area.

Online Application Procedure

Log into the TOEIC Application Site
Select “TOEIC Listening & Reading Test” on the menu and click [受験申込 (Test Registration)]
Read and accept the Guidelines
Fill in the required information on the registration form and pay the test fee
You will receive an e-mail titled “TOEIC L&R公開テスト申込受領通知(TOEIC Listening & Reading Test in Secure Program receipt of application)” at the e-mail address you registered

For Group Application

Notes on Application

  1. Make sure you keep your “TOEIC L&R公開テスト申込受領通知” email until you receive your test results. Note that the automated reply sent upon your application will contain your personal information. Please be aware of this before registering.
  2. About your registration number
    You will need to quote your registration number, as shown in the email “TOEIC L&R公開テスト申込受領通知” , when making inquiries prior to the test date.
  3. You may not change the test date,test taker, or get a refund of the test fee after making your application.

You will need to become as a member (free of charge) and log into the TOEIC Application Site to use online application.


Inquiries related to the TOEIC L&R Test in Secure Program or the TOEIC Application Website:
IIBC Test Operation Center
Tel.: 03-5521-6033 (10:00 - 17:00, except weekends, public holidays, and the New Year holiday period)

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