My Challenge 2018

MY CHALLENGE2018 ISU四大陸フィギュア選手権2018 国際ボランティア体験レポート

ISU四大陸フィギュアスケート選手権2018 国際ボランティア
—TOEIC Programのスコアによって選ばれた日本と台湾の学生たち—

台湾で開催されたISU四大陸フィギュアスケート選手権2018では、TOEIC Listening & Reading Test及び、TOEIC Speaking Testのスコアで選ばれた台湾と日本の学生が、様々な場面で重要な役割をこなし、活躍しました。

MY CHALLENGE2018 ISU四大陸フィギュア選手権2018 国際ボランティアの様子

IIBCからは日本の学生6名を派遣。彼らに割り当てられた役割はAccreditation Staff(関係者受付業務)、Hotel Staff(ホテルでの案内・応対)、Transportation Staff(ホテルでの出迎え、ポーター)、Translator(選手へのインタビュー時の通訳)でした。


Message from ETS

Everyone at ETS is very proud of all the students from Japan and Taiwan who have volunteered at the world-renowned Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. They were selected based on their TOEIC scores for all four English language skills, and did an excellent job in helping visitors from all over the world.



MY CHALLENGE2018 ISU四大陸フィギュア選手権2018 国際ボランティアの様子

MY CHALLENGE2018 ISU四大陸フィギュア選手権2018 国際ボランティアの様子





Comments from ETS for our volunteers in the videos

As many of the volunteers have mentioned, speaking is very important when communicating in English and they are not afraid of making mistakes because they learn from them. Also, we believe the volunteers realized that when talking with others, it is important to know the audience, listen carefully, understand the request, and respond appropriately. The communication skills they have acquired are essential under any circumstances, including the business world. We hope they will continue to use the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests for practice, and continue to improve their English communication skills.

We also hope everyone will have more opportunities to take on new adventures with confidence in the future.

Wishing you all the best in your bright future!


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